Delay spawn on join multiplayer

Having trouble locating a workflow to reference on how to make it so you don’t automatically spawn when you join a server, trying to make a simple choose team when you join widget.

So essentially currently you start as spectator but can’t spawn after making the widget selection. I’m missing something :slight_smile:

Still looking for how to do this right, did a test of adding print messages in all the typical blueprints associated with a game session and launched the 3rd person tutorial to see the order in which things are run.

PlayerController: ConstructionScript
PlayerState: ConstructionScript
GameMode : OnPostLogin
PlayerController : BeginPlay
ThirdPersonCharacter : BeginPlay
GameMode : BeginPlay
GameState: BeginPlay
PlayerState: BeginPlay

You could override “SpawnDefaultPawnFor” in your GameMode and let it be empty.
Keep in mind you have to write your own way for this. ( SpawnActor and Posses him)
It might not be the best way but its one solution.

World ticks looks at bool (ready) default to false in game state to be changed to true

Spectator spawns into a character. Changing it to true (prevent dedicated server from starting said match till someone joins.

World initializes count down timer.

Game clock starts (match in progress)

Game clock count down to zero and stops

At clock being zero a branch changes to start checking team1 score against team2 score.

Branch indicates are we tied? If team1score == team2 do nothing but stop clock if false look for winner.

Check once verse teams
Is Team1score > team2score

True team1wins, false team2wins

Delay for stats…

Restart map

This may not make sence awake for long time figuring out the logic lol…