Delay rotation for flashlight

So basically I’m a noob at UE and game-making overall and I’m trying to make an horror game. The player has a flashlight (spotlight) attached to it that rotates with it. There is a blueprint script I saw on some youtube video, which I think it’s pretty simple and effective. But I would like to make the spotlight rotation a little bit delayed from the camera’s rotation, like if the arm which holds the flashlight moves after the head, making it more realistic like a human being and not like if it were a fixed light, it’s pretty hard to explain but I think you guys got it. I have tried with delay nodes but it does not work, it instead makes the spotlight movement laggy. Is there any way I can do this? Also please explain easily since I’m new to this and I don’t know almost nothing about programming. I’m attaching an image of the current blueprint script. Thanks for your help.

Also sorry for bad english :confused:

TRy using a timeline with LERP → set world rotation

There are a eaiser way no coding required, just add a SprintArm as a parent to the SpotLight and enable lag while playing with its values.