Delay respawn not working

Ive seen stuff about “delay” not working properly. and I’ve tried one of the work arounds i saw where you make the even on Tick instead of Destroy then make a bool that asks if the player is dead, if yes than run delay and respawn. But no mater where i put the Delay its just a wall and it doesn’t finish the process. Obviously this is frustrating and im curious if anyone knows a way around this.

Try to set the player dead variable before respawning, just after the delay. Everytime you respawn it’s still thinks your pawn is still dead!

It is. Set to dead in another function. I have it set the Bool back to off so that it doesn’t constantly think its dead after. It doesn’t work with out the Bool either. If I wire it with event Destroyed instead of Tick it still just stops at the delay. The delay almost is like a wall. No mater where i put it, it just stops the execution

try to move the “set dead” node just before or after the delay. I would put it before the delay. I believe the delay issue you having is because, as I stated before, the engine still thinks the player is dead and therefore it’s not doing anything, at least that you can see.

You’ve set your DELAY to 0 seconds, it wouldn’t affect the entire code, wich means, you die and spawn, and you don’t die, wait 10 sec, spawn. You have to select the quantity of seconds you want before executing the rest of the code.

I am aware that the time set there is zero seconds. It hasn’t always been zero seconds. No matter what amount of seconds I put there it does nothing. I’ve looked all around the code, with the Bool and with out it. It does nothing. Im about to give what Zrocweb said and move the set bool to before the delay and see if that works and I will post again with my results.

So this is what I have where its set to dead.

so if his current health is Zero set to “Dead” to on and destroy actor.

Then on event tick which is the node you dont see in front of the branch, if dead is set to on then delay for 2 seconds and spawn new player and posses it and set dead back to off. when i debug this, it just stops at the delay.

Originally I had it where on “Event Destroyed” delay by “x” seconds and spawn, posses. and that still didnt work and the debug showed it stopped at the delay. getting rid of the delay it works fine of course with out any delay and you spawn instantly. it tried the Bool method because i thought that would make it work and clearly it didnt

I don’t have it in front of me but I’m curious if a delay just doest work in the character blueprints. Maybe instead the will work in the controller.

I’m interested in this aswell.

But I don’t create a death mode, I just take possession of the pawn from the player, but principle would be the same.

After a delay I set health of the pawn to be 1 and after this I execute a possess pawn but it doesn’t work.