Delay node acting inconsistently (not firing)


I am fairly new to BPs and have a certain delay issue that I can’t wrap my head around.

I wanted to create an ability system for my prototype in BPs. Had some abilities in the enemy blueprints themselves but decided to make the system more reuseable and to take them out.
In my enemy bp I construct the available ability, cast it to the ability base BP in order to call the “Cast” function.

After the function is called I figure out if a player or an enemy called the function to define the target of the ability.
In this case, the function is a shield ability that should prevent damage for 3 seconds.

As we progress, the delay node for the player called function works but the one for the enemy does not.
So it basically stops working once it hits the delay node.

Can someone let me know why one delay node works while the other one does not? I’ll gladly take any hints.

make sure your enemy inherits from BP_enemy, delay node doesnt have any problem, the problem is probably in getting there, make sure u hit the delay by printing or something

cast to BP_Enemy is failing probably.