Delay in python scripting

I want to use this in python.


Also, I know that its name is unreal.SystemLibrary.delay(world_context_object, duration, latent_info).

There are three parameters in this function. (like below)

world_context_object (Object) –
duration (float) – length of delay (in seconds).
latent_info (LatentActionInfo) – The latent action.

So, my question is…

What’s the “world_context_object (Object)” and “latent_info (LatentActionInfo)”?

And how to set these two parameters?

ps) unreal.SystemLibrary.delay(unreal.EditorLevelLibrary.get_editor_world(), 5.0, unreal.LatentActionInfo()) is not working.

Hi, have you found a solution for using the delay function with python? i am currently trying to implement it too but it has no effect :confused: