Delay in middle of ForLoop Body

I have been trying to make a blueprint where player needs to click a button and based on what button he clicks different actions happen. I cant manage to get working delay in for loop(where blueprint needs to wait for player). I know that it cant be done in standard ForLoop, but I cant make it work in custom either. I dont understand for loops in unreal that good so its probably because of that.
This is what I want my delay to look like:

And here is how i tried adding delay in custom ForLoop:

Remember that a delay will always interrupt your exec flow so you CAN’T use it in a loop. If you relally need a loop w/ delay you have to set up your own, I can suggest this setup, I’ve done it in 5 mins so you can probably improve it:

EDIT: since you are new: to zoom images on answerhub rightclick on it and open in a new tab/window

Thank you, I will try that now.

It works great for what I need, I just need to modify it now, thank you again