Delay Flipbook Animation?

Disclaimer: I am a new to UE4

Goal: Delay material flipbook animation using scalar parameter in blueprint.
Purpose: I want to start a scene and have a flipbook begin playing a few seconds later from a complete pause at the first frame.

I’m running into a lot of trouble with this one and there doesn’t seem to be anything similar out there. As simple as it seems, it is a pain trying to get the spritesheet to behave how I need it to. I created a flipbook material (, whose Animation Phase is driven by a Scalar Parameter on a TimeWithSpeedVariable. That Scalar Parameter is then referenced in a class blueprint ( that should elevate it from 0 to .07 (the desired Animation Phase) using a Timeline node after 5 seconds. I’m very new to this and maybe you can spot my mistake right away. Currently the result of this set up is that the the spritesheet does stall on the first frame until activated but then skips right to the frame it would have been at had it been running through it’s animation from the beginning.

I have found that Delay nodes don’t affect the process the way I thought.

Please help me figure it out!!

Your delay node appears to have a duration value of zero…enter the required time (seconds) and it should work.

Thanks for the suggestion. I know it looks like an obvious mistake but rest assured that that is not the issue. I thought it would be as easy using a delay node, but that only cause issues like I had mentioned. When delay = 3sec, spritesheet turns on at 3sec but is 3sec into its animation, rather than at the beginning.

So… problem still not fixed :confused:

Try that (for all those who are looking for answers :smiley: ) Many years later