Delay each custom event call by x seconds

So I have a custom event that I would like to start with a x-seconds delay before performing its code.

Example 1:

Example 2:

Both Example 1 & 2 wait 1 second and then perform the print. But it only prints once regardless of how many calls are performed to the custom event. It only prints the last index. It does not delay each call with 1 second, just the last call.

It seems like both delay and SetTimer are reset if another call is performed before the timer / delay is finished.

But I would like it to delay each call with 1 second. So it should print for each call but with 1 second delay.

How are you generating your Index? We cannot assume/predict the error without seeing certain details the lead up to the execution.

Just a basic for-loop

Accumulate the requests in a variable, and have the timer decrease that value:

Hi, I get the same problem as example 1, can you tell me how to fix it?