Delay before enemy jumping?/ Bug when 2 Enemies overlap an actor almost at the same time

Hi, this is my first post. So I have a little bug when 2 of my enemies are overlapping the box at almost the same time. One continues jumping and the another doesn’t jump. I’m guessing that it’s because my delay prevents the other actor get “registered”. I basically want to random a little delay so the enemies jump down at different times. Btw is a remake of the Q*Bert game.

So the First screenshot is my check if the one overlapping is Qbert or an enemy. And the next one is my logic my enemy for jumping. Thanks for reading.

I’d try to set series of print out checks to find the place where something goes wrong

You’re correct that it’s the delay node that blocks the execution of “Enemy Jumping Down” for the second enemy.

The absolutely simplest fix for this would be to just move the delay into “BP Enemy Base” instead.

If “Enemy Jumping Down” is a function and not an event it wouldn’t work though since functions doesn’t allow latent nodes. If that’s the case you can add a new custom event in the enemyBP that first does delay and after calls “Enemy Jumping Down” on itself.

If you still wish to control the delay-time from your box-blueprint you can add time as a float-input to the custom event and plug it into the delay node.

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Yes, I didn’t think about making an event and then put the delay there. Thank you :smile: