Delay Animation?

Here’s a simple solution.

  • Create an array to store pending attacks, this could be an enum of each of your defined tasks (recommended) or just int.
  • If you already are performing a task then, add the new task to the queue
  • When you’re finished with your task, do the next task.
  • To ensure that the DoNextAction is called when the attack is finished and not just finished starting, use Delay or EventDispatchers

You can grab the paste of this code [here][3].

Did you copy the BPs I pasted above?

Those should be your attacks and animation logic functions or events

Happy to help, glad it worked for you.
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I am making a fight game and it has animations like right punch, left punch,… aaand if i press “1” the character is doing the animation (right puncht) and if i press “2” he is doing the animation (left punct) and…

So my first problem was, when i pressed “1” (animaton takes 3 sec). and after then when i pressed “2” 1 sec later he just started to do the second animation and didnt wait until the end of the first anim!

So i made “branch” and said “if the charater is playing dont play the animation and if not!, play the animation!” and it worked!

But now my problem is, when i press “1” ( and the character is playing the anim) i have to wait until the anim is finished. to do another animation!

What i want to do is! when i press “1” and 1 sec later “2”! the second animation should start after the first anim end.!!! SOS

I hope i could explain my problem with my superrrr english :smiley:


i cant do it pls help mee

i tried more than 4 hours but no success

yes but i dont know, what attack 1 should be and “do attack 1 stuff”

but i have just buttons and animations, how can i make attack of them

i did it!! finally :-************************************************ thank youuuuuuu

sure :slight_smile: ^^