Degenerate tangent bases

Error: Object has degenerate tangent bases which will result in incorrect shading.
I can’t solve this, I tried exporting the most basic objects from 3ds max, all nicely unrwapped and I keep getting this error in all of them. I updated to version 4.7.4 today.

I have done this a few days ago and all was fine. What is the problem??

EDIT: I’ve been making some tests. The objects I create in max and export as FBX then inport fine in UE4. The problem seems to come from objects that are modeled in sketchup and then imported into max and then exported as FBX to UE4. Doesn’t make sense as I already did this many times before with no problems.


I am facing the same problem right now. Did you try to solve this problem? Please let me know. Thanks!!

This was a long time ago. I don’t remember sorry… haven’t been using UE4 a lot lately. :frowning:

Just test a lot of solutions and you’ll end up finding the answer.

Okay! Actually I have tried with UV map and applied all the mapping method in 3dsMax. It is importing without any warning messages in unreal but the problem is with the mesh. The mesh is not importing it properly if I make any changes in 3dsMax.

Hi, If you’re seeing any Degenerate Tangents take a look at this AnswerHub post for a better explanation: Degenerate Tangent Bases - Rendering - Epic Developer Community Forums

Ultimately, this comes back to correctly setting up the UV for your mesh.

I hope this helps.