Degenerate tangent bases only in UE 4.7.1

Hello everybody,
Ive been using UE4 with no problems when importing meshes from 3dsmax, but lately I updated to 4.7.1 and I had this message almost with every mesh.

“object has degenerate tangent bases which will result in incorrect shading”

It seems strange, as I still have a copy of the previous UE version in my laptop and the mesh works fine.
I tried playing with the FBX exporting settings from 3dsmax and the others when importing, but nothing of this really works.
I also checked this whole thread but it doesnt seem to be same error.

Theres always the solution of importing the model to 4.6.1 and then converting to the latest version, but thats a lot of extra time consuming.
I included the fbx file in the case you want to try it by yourself, its a single lamp :

Any ideas? Thanks in advance

I’m also getting this when I import my meshes, fine in 4.6 but not 4.7. I’ve just been ignoring it for now.

Ive been getting these same errors on all my models.

I see, so its not caused by a bad modelling. Im hoping for a fix/update soon then.

Hey, would someone mind posting this on AnswerHub as well? This one definitely deserves some investigation into what may be going on compared to previous versions. Once posted if someone doesn’t mind linking here I can assign myself to the issue.

Thank you!


Theres this one, I think its the same issue as he references both versions

Awesome. Thanks! I’ll take a look at that with Andrew since he’s assigned and see where this stands.

Thanks, again!

I do not think this is an engine issue, I had this happen tonight on one of ten or so models. It seemed to be something inside 3ds max for me. The material was funky looking when I applied it to the model in 3ds max and I got this same error inside the engine (4.7.5). I remodeled it and it went thru just fine.

In 4.8 the option has been exposed in the Static Mesh Build settings to disable MikkTSpace.

This is fixed with CL-2519373.