Deforming UI(widget) shape

I want to create a clickable holographic display that’s in form of a cylinder or to make a widget (button, text, etc) repeat after a shape of a model (book page) but I can’t find any way to deform a widget I spent a week or so trying but my skills are not enough. or maybe there’s some other way?

I recall that with the WidgetComponent you can do some basic deformation, including wrapping it around a cylinder.

Looks like I’m either really dumb or blind. Can you please show or describe how to do so.

You must use the “Widget” component (on an Actor). This is in the Details panel of it:


There is the “Cylinder” Geometry Mode which curves in in a cylindrical shape.


3d widget component, in bp can display any widget on plane or cylinder that you can arc around center between 9 - 360 OC