Deformed mesh?

I’ve made a mesh with blender and when i import it as an fbx the mesh is distorted and i’m not sure how to go about fixing it, thanks for the help in advance

If you could post some screenshots, that would be helpful.

It just seems deformed in general, granted i am new so i might’ve messed up something or ticked something i wasn’t supposed to :sweat_smile:


That looks… amazing? Lol

First things first.
To prevent clipping you never use pants and skin - when the pants are on the skin goes off (Modular models replace each other).

Second thing.
Yes whatever you are doing in engine is using rotated bones. Your tigh and calves are oppositely rotated.
This, and your slinky arms, point to an error in retargeting.

This could be either from actually retargeting, or from using am existing skeleton that doesn’t match the rest Pose of the mesh - we simply can’t know from what you shared.

The neck also seems elongated.
My guess is this is due to #2 also. The base pose being off.
But it could also mean that some parts of the mesh are not appropriately Wright painted. Hard to tell.

Yeah i figured i messed something up lol, just imported another mesh and it worked fine so i was at quite a loss xD

When you import and create a new skeleton things are often always “ok”.
When you try to use an existing skeleton, you need to know what you modified and how to make it work right.

In other words, it’s very possible that if you import the same mesh and just create a new skeleton everything will look Ok.

unfortunately that what i did with it :sweat_smile:

I’m redoing the armature and so far it seems to be working after i’ve straightened out the legs

Thanks for the help

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