Defining Multiple Online Subsystems .ini

If I wanted to support both the Steam and Oculus online subsystems, would this be the correct way to define them in the DefaultEngine.ini?

I need to know, as I would like to have to just package one build rather than two.



Did you find this out? I am also struggling with how to setup DefaultEngine.ini to support both (or some easy way to package twice with different defaults)

Would love to know the answer to this as well. Seems like the best option might be to make a script to swap out ini files before packaging two different builds.

would really like to know how to do this properly for a multi-platform pc/console game. is there really none out there with an answer to this?

Supposedly you can do this in code. If you do this, just decide which one will be the default one and leave that in the .ini and then when you need the other one, run this line and use it:
IOnlineSubsystem::Get(TEXT(“your chosen subsystem”));