Define UV for several mehes?

Hello guys,

i want to setp up some posters and other stuff but i only want to use one texture. i made one asset and placed 4 posters in a 2k texture. now my question is:

how can i coordinate the offset of this texture to have all 4 posters on my 4 frames i made?

You could create a master material which contains the texture + nodes - after that create material instance constants with different values. :slight_smile:

Here you can see how to “move” a texture: https://forums.unrealengine/showthread.php?71661-Move-texture-with-material-parameter

mh… i tryed it out but i dont get control over it. or i dont understand it. its a mysterious for me how the notes work together

no one ^^?

Maybe if you show what you’ve got people will be able to better help you.

Ok i try it again. here you can see what iam trying to do:

i’ve four different frames for images and therefore i took 4 different picutes.
here you can see my “master material”. i have a 2k texuture with 4 1k images on it. and now i want to create instances materials from it to have every picture at a different frame. but i dont know how and where i can control the “offset” to have for examples the left down picture at frame nr.3

The questions are:

  1. how to create an instanced material from the “master one”?
  2. how can i control the offset for every image?