Define a Origin (Pivot) of a static Mesh permanently (not only while using in a level)(Engl/D)

when we use a brush in UE and let it convert to a mesh, than the created mesh (normaly) has its Pivot in its centre. But sometimes it is not the best position for the origin/pivot.

Now something strange happened. Some days ago I created Meshes with a pivot on a position, that I defined myself. This two meshes can you see in this picture:

How did I do this??? It must be a simple solution. I did it without any complex methods. I just did it. But now I can’t find any possibility to do this!

Regard: The static mesh has this defined origin naturally. That means, I do not change the Pivot after putting the mesh into the level. When I put such a mesh into the level, the origin is just on the right position.

I know, there are some possibilities to change the Pivot after putting a brush oder a mesh into the level. You can use the pressed mouse-weel (and than with rmb->Pivot-> Set Pivot ‘safe’ this position), or you can use one of the 2D-Views and then rmb on a Point (then rmb-> pivot… to ‘safe’) or you can use in the menu the pivot-offset-settings (warning: it will not show immediatly, you must click on an different object an when you click than on your Mesh/brush again, then you can see, that the Pivot changed.)

And I have an Idea to change the pivot of a brush with the result, that this is the real new origin - even after converting into a static mesh: when it is a simple shape, you can use brush editing and change the shape in that way, that the relation of Position of the Pivot to the shape is like you want. But is it a very tedious way… It works for simple forms, but is not practicably for manipulating complex forms.

I didn’t know, that this could be such a problem. Some days ago i found a way without thinking about that and i thougt, it is an easy operation. But now I can’t find this way and most tutorials give no answer. Some says that it is not possible. Other say, there is an experimantal version of an Plugin wich can do this - I just tried it and it works great (unfortunatly needed UE very much time to start after activating the plugin)

But… There is a very simple Way to make a brush and convert it to a mesh and it is possible that in this process the pivot/origin can defined. I used this way (without knowing, it could be such a problem to find it again) an now I can’t remember.

Best regards an thank you very much.

D (Ger):
ich übersetze später, der Text ist länger geworden, als ich im Vorfeld gedacht hatte.
Liebe Grüße und vielen Dank!

I don’t know how you did it with the brush, but you can move the pivot with the mesh tools:

image ( SHIFT 5 )

Yes, with the new plugin its a dream! :slight_smile: Definitly! I just tried it and its really great - I will use it in future. But… there must be an another way - a simple way without this new plugin.

best regards

Do you use UE5? I’ve never seen this menu before :flushed: Or is it also part of a plugin?
Best regards

It’s part of the brush setup in UE5.