Defiled: a top down game

Welcome to Defiled

I’m currently making a small game in unreal 4.16.
It’s a top down shooter game, made from the third person project.
The graphic style is low-poly.


A village deep in the forest that has been used in nuclear experiments.
The experiments failed and the scientists left the village and the nuclear waste from their experiments got left behind with the residents.
As time went by, bit by bit the nuclear waste started escaping the barrels and infecting the residents, turning them into zombified people.
You are a cleanup guy sent by the authoroties to clean up the waste before the outbreak spreads further.


A top down game where you have to get rid of 15 toxic waste barrels before heading back home.
trying to Kill zombies that attack you when you get near them. you can find health and ammo scattered across the map.


Search cars for fuel for your vehicle.
Multiple weapons
Player customization




-Menu screen
-Collectable waste
-Return to menu and exit game options
-New enemy (skeleton)


-New HUD icons
-Editor map billboards for clarity
-New sounds (skeleton, getting hit)
-Particles for pickups and getting hit
-fog for distant mesh pop in issues

6.jpg 7.jpg


The name is still work in porgress