DefenseCorp - Earth a 4vs4 FPS with some old UT twists! My first game


Hi Guys, Moe from DefenseCorp - Earth here. I’m excited to finally showcase a project I’ve been working on for the last year or so to a wider audience!
Before a wall of text here is a small teaser of the game!

DefenseCorp - Earth Teaser

About the Game
Defensecorp - Earth is a skill based, fast paced first person shooter. Choose one of the initial 6 characters and one of the 3 initial skill-sets and start playing without the hassle of a grind. characters will only vary cosmetically. Using the old school UT format where everyone starts with a base weapon and stronger weapons can be picked up from the ground. So players will have to learn the respawn timers/locations of the powerful weapons. The matches will be in a 4vs4 format or 8 player FFA. Once out of EA and maybe even before we will introduce custom and private matches. For more info check out our steam page.

About Clocked Gaming
A bit of a background: Around July of 2017 I started working on a FPS game because I felt there was room for a game without rng lootboxes, grind and countless of paid DLC’s of little value.
Long story short: I found a very talented artist who I started working with. He finished the first map far before I was comfortable/ready to showcase the game (read: Nowhere near worthy of anyone’s time at that time). Regardless I did not want him to miss any opportunity which could arise from adding the map and the future maps to his portofolio so that’s what he did and the maps kind of blew off, which gave me a lot of energy to keep working on the game!
Fast forward to August 2018: Reached a point where my skills just weren’t sufficient enough to realistically finish the game to the standard I had in mind so I hired 2 very awesome and skilled programmers which have been working with on the project ever since. Also expanded the team with a character artist, a concept art artist and a rigger.
Special thanks To Allshar(programmer),Woodsshin(programmer),Joshua(Environment Artist),Ingvar(character/weapon artist),Ruben(Concept artist)

A proper gameplay trailer is in the works and will be posted soon! For more screenshots/info

Visit our Steam page: Defense corp - Earth on Steam Or our website:

If you have any questions game related or game-dev wise related let me know!

Great work so far :slight_smile:
Keep it up.

Posted some small updates on twitter:
check it out if you are curious for some more eye candy! Here’s screen shot of Cairo day time.

Subtle blue tints for Team blue’s spawn on Cairo B.

Update time! Just posted the gameplay reveal trailer. Let me know what you guys think

After the adrenaline pumping gameplay reveal I’ve just posted a more relaxing “Impression” video. showing a bit more of the maps and some small gameplay clips.

Such a huge work!

It’s impressive.

A few feedback things I’ve noticed though (from the Steam gameplay footage):

  • gunfeel looked a bit flat and could benefit a bit more juice
  • sprint animation makes the gun occupy half of my screen-space, leading to a really hard readability
  • when using skills it seems there are no FPS animations, I felt like I needed them to understand what was going on
  • I’d like to see more combat-related content :slight_smile:

I totally understand this is only pre-EA but I wanted to pinpoint that.

Keep up the good work and gl hf!

Hi there, Thanks for the feedback and kind words! I agree on a lot of points and we have been tackling them just not in time for the trailer on steam!
Changed the gun sizes, added recoil animation for the guns while shooting in ADS and impact particles. /status/1075565673051500544 and /status/1073382690571935744 for the new gun-sizes.

There are two new trailers which are on steam which show a lot more combat-clips, also have some short clips on your twitter of some quick kills. Feel free to check it out and let me know what you think of it! You can also check it out on twitter: /status/1075535054217072640

Hope everyone is doing fine and enjoying these holidays!
We just finished our Sniper Rifle and just have to post it! I really think it look awesome.
Artwork by Vegirson

Hi guys,

We just posted the Origin comic for Vito on our twitter! Give it a look I you have some time and let us know what you think of it.

Hi guys, hope everyone is already rocking 019!
Here is a small preview of the next map we are working on: