Defcon Just Showed A TON of exploits for Game Engines

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I’m not a hacker or anything but I’m in Las Vegas, Nevada/USA for the Defcon Hacking Convention to hopefully learn how to defend against the black hats and other horrible ***holes that think ruining someone’s lives will do.

Come to find out one of the presentations was about hacking game engines, servers and games made with the mentioned engines. I’m not able to provide all of the info yet because I have to sort through notes and talk to the presenter (I’ll share contact I do for him too if need be) but he just showed how Cryengine 3 and any game developed with that engine can be exploited using LUA bugs, horrible or no sandboxing ability and activated using OS.exe. What that ends up allowing you to do is control the ENTIRR computer down to the OS registry and further (memory access, etc) and gives the hacker access to the attached network and all attached devices. Example of what could be done was he used those methods to gain access to a live webcam sertup in the room and able to record it and shut down engine hosted servers.

I’m not sure if Unreal Engine 4 has these issues but I’ll definitely send over any info I have if requested because On sure you would want to know as much as possible to prevent the same errors others had made. It’s our job as game developers to create a safe and fun environment and that starts with the Engine if there are those kinds of security issues.

Oh yeah, its Friday again :slight_smile:
Welcome to Defcon. Dont forget to grab your personal tin foil hat at the souvenir booth :slight_smile:
If you dont trust forks from other people, dont use them.
If you think that Epic would tolerate such things you imagine, think again :slight_smile:
And: dont be the patsy and avoid buses:D

BTW: Hows the weathert in Nevada?

I know Epic wouldn’t/won’t tolerate it. Its still worth bringing to their attention just in case through. I’d rather be the good developer that advises someone/company of something they already know about rather than keep it to myself and a year later find out there is an issue I could helped fix.

Everyone can shove their paranoia so no tin foil hat for me haha. And there is so many people in Las Vegas its not even funny so I’ve been avoiding buses and walking everywhere when I actually need to leave the hotel.

Weather blows -_- Been 102+ degrees every day since I’ve gotten here. Its like my home town in California, 100+ every day there too lol.