DefaultToInstanced - EditInlineNew class / Instanced - EditAnywhere property : edits don't work


I had to implement some states for my character, and I did the same guys working on Unreal Tournament did for the weapon states.

I have a state class hierarchy, and the base class has the following attributes:

 UCLASS( Abstract, DefaultToInstanced, EditInlineNew, Within = BBCharacter )
 class UBBCharacterState : public UObject

I have several states inheriting from this base class.

I declare them in my character class like this:

 UPROPERTY( Instanced, EditAnywhere, Category = "States" )
 class UBBCharacterStateMoving * MovingState;
 UPROPERTY( Instanced, EditAnywhere, Category = "States" )
 class UBBCharacterStateJumping * JumpingState;

And instantiate them like that:

 MovingState = PCIP.CreateDefaultSubobject< UBBCharacterStateMoving >( this, TEXT( "StateMoving" ) );
 JumpingState = PCIP.CreateDefaultSubobject< UBBCharacterStateJumping >( this, TEXT( "StateJumping" ) );

I have declared some properties on the jumping state which I would like to edit in the editor:

 class UBBCharacterStateMoving : public UBBCharacterStateNoBall
     UPROPERTY( EditAnywhere, Category = "ActionTrigger" )
     float ActionTriggerMinimalDotProduct;

Everything works fine, except that when I update in the editor the value of ActionTriggerMinimalDotProduct, it keeps its default value I have set in the constructor of the class.

What are the magic keywords I should use to get this working?


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