DefaultPawn movement inconsistent when moving on 2 axis

i meant like this

It doesn’t seem to make any difference. I think I will try to make a 2-d project instead because it is much simpler and more around my experience level. Thanks for trying to help

Actually, I just got it to work! All I had to do was use a normal pawn class instead of the DefaultPawn class

When I tried to create a moving player using the DefaultPawn class, I had some issues. Right now it moves on both the x and y axis. It moves fine on the x axis, but when I move it on the y axis, it sometimes does not go straight up and down like I want it to, and instead moves at an angle. I need some way for it to move straight up and down on the y axis, and straight diagonally when two keys of different axis are pressed, which it also cannot do.

are you using a controller? or mouse and keyboard?

Keyboard arrow keys

can you please post a screenshot of the events where you add the movement input please?

delete those 2 nodes (get actor vectors) and just type in the world direction. 1, 0, 0 and 0 , 1 , 0. Lemme know if it helps

I’m still getting the same issue.
Here is the new blueprint.