DefaultGameUserSettings.ini missing from Config folder

I am working with UE 5.1 and configuring the game settings. I understand that default game settings are stored at ProjectName/Config/DefaultGameUserSettings.ini but this file is not present.

Q1: Is this file normally created automatically when starting a new project?

Q2: Or, does this file need to be created manually? If so, is there are standard template for the file available in the UE docs?

Q3: Is DefaultGameUserSettings.ini different from GameUserSettings.ini ?

Hi TheCosmicAC0,

I’m seeing GameUserSettings.ini in ProjectName\Saved\Config\WindowsEditor

I cant think of any instance where you’d create your own .ini for UE. (They always are auto-generated from what I know)

I’m not seeing DefaultGameUserSettings.ini anywhere.

Thanks @Astrotronic . Yes, I misunderstood how Unreal was using the GameUserSettings.ini file. My understanding now is that file is located on the path you wrote in your message, and the file is read when game user settings are loaded, and it is updated when game user settings are applied or saved.

Is there a way to set up a different .ini file that can store default values? This would be useful for when the player wants to restore the game back to default settings.

Yes. Create this file yourself using the following sample:


In this case, the FPS limiter will be 60 frames. By Unreal’s default it’s 0.000000 (unlimited)
And you can enter any parameters: