DefaultEngine.ini file

I had to recently re generate some of my visual studio files for a project. When I compile from within UE4, it errors on my defaultEngine.ini script.

Here is the error line

<<<<<<< HEAD


>>>>>>> ####long number here #####

I am able to remove the script completely and it runs fine. BUT I lose my default settings like gravity, default maps, etc.
Can I regenerate this or something?


I am not understanding how to use this plugin, could someone please put up a tutorial?

Looks like an repository (svn) conflict.

look at the conflict blocks and try solve manually or restore on of the conflict files (usally filename with .revision# added)

Conflict blocks looks like this
>>>>> (HEAD)(MINE)(R#)

Yeah I agree with Fallonsnest, looks very much like you have failed to resolve a conflict. Just manually edit the file to remove all the SVN markup, or revert your ini file.