Default wings in ARK?

Hi, I have an idè that I want to come true. I have already made a topic on this, but could not find it, so I will just make a new one. The Idè is that you can go to survivor creator and click a box there that you want wings on your character when starting the game. I want the option to choose between, Dragon wings or Griffin wings and that we can color them. I want to have the dive ability from the griffin and the spinning ability from the petra and that we can move left and right in the air like the tapejara. when you fly, it will consume stamina, and when leveling speed, you can then fly faster. when grounden the wings fold, hanging down your back. and that it dont dissapear when you put on armor. and no stagging against structures or dinos. when you press space you will only jump, but dobbel press space you can fly for as long as you have stamina. it will not consume stamina at the same rate as running, but at a lower rate. and when you are floating in the sky it will not consume stamina, but the wings will still clap. It would be great to soar trough the skies of ARK, and it will probably be a little help when building large structures. Is this even possible?