Default virtual joystick (explanation of terms please)

If some one wouldn’t mind telling me what each of the settings under the default virtual joystick do I would appreciate it.

I read documentation and it still just doesn’t stick.

And just about when I think I understand what a setting does I change it and either nothing happens or I get crazy results.

As is I have a button that will overlap.
But only if window is smaller.
So I changed the center from an exact value to a relative (something like 160 to .9 thinking it would do pixel if >1 and a % if <1) with it staying right where it was.

By messing with it I got it to be a button rather than a joystick I had to move to cause it to activate. But not sure how. And it will pick up some touches FAR away from it.

I tried shrinking joysticks a bit. But then inputs done work from them. (But strangely when I had them super oval by mistake they worked great…?)

Just a simple what each does. And how the range effects that value, I’d appreciate it