Default value for BTT Blackboard keys.

Is there a way to set the default value for blackboard key selectors in a Behavior Tree Task?

When I look at the Default Value parameter in details panel for the key the only option is None.

It’s quite easy to forget to set the key when reusing a node multiple times.

Hi, have you found a solution to this yet?

Hey, sorry to bump a super old thread, did you ever find the solution to this? :smiley:

Based on what I’ve read, I think you are NOT supposed to be able to set the blackboard key within a node. It’s not really a bug but it is just showing that you can’t set a default./

I think the reason for this is because different nodes can use different blackboard values for nodes that are replicated elsewhere. Anyways, thought I’d bump with my comment - it is a little frustrating but I think ultimately more powerful.