Default Static Mesh Actors do not Update Collision Mesh Origin On Rebase

When placing static mesh actors in a persistent level at distances ~ 1000 km from the origin I am unable to ray cast after rebasing them to at or near the origin.
I’ve tested LineTraceBy and have confirmed they have the same behavior.

This might be caused missing rebase functionality static actor collision volumes are not being rebased automatically beyond a certain distance?
However my other pawn/blueprint components that are spawned into the same distant location respect the new origin and I can ray cast static mesh components within them.

Maybe this is intentional but it’d be convenient if the operation applied to both the rendered object and the collision mesh. It seems wrong to update only one.

Strangely the debug “show collision” renders the debug mesh in the correct location, but still ray casts are handled as if they are in a different coordinate space.

My work around for the time being is apply ray traces for ECC_WorldStatic in non-rebased coordinates, this seems to work fine, the precision loss is more or less acceptable.

But I think its still might be a bug.

Turns out the collision doesn’t work for Static Actors either.

I’ll need to make another collision check in my motion classes to detect collision and slide around.

So I think the issue is not just ray cast related, but the static mesh in general.