Default Skeleton in 3ds?


I hear everyone talk about the default skeleton, how it’s cool to use it so you can use the marketplace anim packs, etc.
After some searching I only found there’s some tutorials as to how to create the skeleton from scratch in Maya, but nothing for 3ds max.

now for UDK it was as simple as downloading the UDK skeleton from UDN and you’d be set. it had a Biped with the correct scaling/units for UDK exporting and usage.
could a 3ds max file be made available with the default skeleton?


Export the Skeletal Mesh from UE4 as FBX and import into 3DSMax. Have you tried that? :slight_smile:

that will only give me regular bones, not a full rig. I would then need to make a new Biped from scratch and move/rotate all bones to match the new skeleton. it’s doable but not as convenient
and that wouldn’t ensure the correct scale/unit settings are set in the max scene

I ask because the ‘default skeleton’ seems the standard nowadays (even marketplace submissions need it AFAIK). we had a proper max file for the UDK skeleton and it wasn’t such a widespread standard like the default skeleton now is. for something that is taken for granted that much I’d expect something out of the box

The default skeleton is all there is as far as using Epic’s Animations and/or selling humanoid characters in the Marketplace (this is part of Epic’s quality assurance thing - all the characters need to work interchangeably). This does not mean you cannot use your own skeleton, you just have to create your own animations.

I know, I know. I will use my own animations (that I already created for my UDK game). I just want to be able to use the marketplace ones for prototyping at first, and remain compatible with no effort (i.e. no retargetting work)

I would also be interested in a ready to go max biped that is compatible with the default skeleton.

basically it would need some one to create a rig “like” the UT3/UDK rig in max where all the “b_bones” are aligned/rotated like in demo character, the same would go for the Shooter demo character, at this stage i doubt very much that Epic will supply this as i don’t think that they use max/biped anymore but i could be wrong looking at the anims for the new UT but that atm still uses the the ut3 rig and anims

There’s not going to be a ready to go biped because Epic doesn’t use Max. They use Maya. All the stuff you get with UE4 is from their actual projects. The bones don’t correspond to the biped in Max. The proportions are different ect. They might, and I really mean might, be persuaded to create a workaround (or maybe someone else will) but I think they might be a little more concerned about other areas of the engine’s development. In any case the bones I get when I export from UE4 are real bones (meaning that’s what bones look like in 99% of the 3D programs out there) and I use Blender. The bones you get when you create a biped in Max are actually the oddballs of the industry. All of that having been said you should be able to export the animations and re-target them in Max though it will likely require a bit of clean up work. Otherwise why not just go ahead and create your animations? You just drag your project out by waiting.

I will use max and possibly motionbuilder for my animations. I was just watching the twitch recording and was impressed by the re-targeting system they have implemented. I dont know if I’ll use it, but I like to have options.