Default presets for the Editor (Empty map or something)


I’m a new UE4 user, more used to play with easier Editors such as Skyrim Creation kit (videos here : Skyrim Mods - YouTube ) and I’m facing a lot of difficulties on this software.

I followed a few tutorials and noticed there are way too many things to handle for everything we put on a map (collision, textures, and lots of other things). And I was wondering if the team has ever thought of releasing a tool for people like me who have a lot of difficulties…
I think of an empty world save with “Ground Clutters Settings” set as in TheIsland map, “Foliage Brushs” for Tropical Forest, Beach, Mountain trees etc. and the where the “Weather System” and other things like this would be already preset for newbies like me. I did try to simply Copy/Paste presets from TheIsland map, it actually worked for Ground Clutters Settings but the Editor crash on specifics area of my map. So I thin copy paste is not a good solution.

If any of you have this kind of world save I’m looking for I woudl be extremly grateful because I have time to spare and I think I could build great things for Ark.

Learning UE4 is a great skill, honestly id say to put in the work and look into how to make a new map from scratch, the forums outside of the ark one have all the info in the world to build a game from the ground up! I would take a look there and learn map creation.

I agree that learning UE from the ground up is a great adventure and worth doing. But I also fully understand that it both out of the scope and interest of some people. I myself am the kind of person that only really likes to create landscapes and environments, and stories. I don’t really enjoy the timeconsuming process of all the intricate things involved.

They already said they plan on adding in a template map for like water and sky/weather. I’d say if you were to do a template you should also including things like mentioned above. A predone “Foilage”/Clutter layer with all the static mesh types presetup for painting with as well as a Water Plane that doesn’t have holes in it. For those of us that aren’t model/mesh makers. Maybe the ability to duplicate already setup static meshes on the foilage brush and then just being able to change the ‘picture/model’ after which would speed up the process without a template.

In short, I support a well defined template map to mold our dreams from.

Copy/Paste from TheSmallIsland instead. It’s much more basic, includes a working weather/daylight system, different biomes, what you need for water, and so on. It’s a lot easier to learn through that map and see how they built everything without the hassle of navigating through TheIsland.

Thank you sir! I was not aware they had snuck in TheSmallIsland reference map. It is exactly what I wanted as I just wanted presetup brushes for tree’s/rocks. Now all we need is a water plane without holes.

You could always just yoink alot of the pre-made stuff from one of the existing maps. If you are turned away by a challenge, then the Dev Kit is probably not a right fit for you. It’s not going to be easy, but its really not hard either. IMO the best things in life come with a challenge :smiley:

  • Sinari & Mr.Pwndabear

That’s an easy one thanks to Brick Whut’s water tutorial( Although the file was added after he made the video.

  1. Follow this link (Dropbox - - Simplify your life) to download the
  2. Extract the OceanPlane.FBX
  3. Import OceanPlane.FBX into your specific mod folder
  4. Select the WaterPlane that you are using for your ocean (assuming the one with the holes in it)
  5. In the details pane for the WaterPlane, locate the section labeled ‘water’
  6. Next to ‘Water Plane’ they have the mesh ‘SM_OceanPlane’ selected. Simply change that to the ‘OceanPlane’ static mesh that you imported to your specific mod folder.

Should look a lot better now. Hope this helps.

Ah, so he did add a file to it eventually! Thanks for your assistance. I’m sure others will like these things too.