Default PlayerController using the ue4 C++ Templates


I’ve created my project with the 3rd Person C++ Template, where some classes are already available.
The default BPCharacter is perfect for testing & stuff, since I don’t have my own animated characters.
It’s also great , that the Template creates at least a public and private folder, to have a bit seperation inside my src files.
(Still found no workaround for solution folders in VS Expres2013)

But my main question is:

Is it recommended to write my own PlayerController?.
The existing one has about 500-1000 lines, actually I’m not even sure what it does.
Is it generally a bad idea to start from a C++ Template for big projects?

Yes, it’s give you more control if you write your own PlayerController.

Because every interact or input from player is through PlayerController before it go to your Controlled Pawn.

And if your Pawn die or destroy, PlayerController still gonna be there, then when you want to respawn, you just need to spawn new Pawn and tell Controller to Posses that Pawn.

I thinks the template pretty solid you can start anything project from there, i start mine from 1 of template too, and i have no problem at all.

For now, i only make my own basic thing like GameMode, GameState, PlayerController, HUD, never try this before ^^

so I can delete the defaul PlayerController i think? :>
Are there any other default Classes that comes from a Template, which should be rewritten?
In some project I’ve seen people are overriding the Engine

    class MyEngine : public UGameEngine
    	virtual void Init(IEngineLoop* InEngineLoop) override;

void MyEngine::Init(IEngineLoop* InEngineLoop)

When and why should this actually be done?

ok :slight_smile:
thanks for answer !

btw: found the Engine answer myself:

how can I use my new Controller inside my Engie?