Default Pawn


So this has probably been asked several times before, but search as I might here and on the discord, I can’t seem to find someone who has solved this problem. I have a new pawn and I am working on new animations for it. Trouble is, I would like to test the pawn out in PIE to fine tune the animations and catch anything that is wrong, but even if I make a testgamemode and set default pawn class to my new pawn, it still spawns in the default testpawnmale. I tried to place the pawn into the map and set controller to player 0 - nope.
Has anyone had success in this?


A couple of things to be mindful of:

  1. I’ve seen a weird quirk with the devkit where when overriding the gamemode you might need to start PIE, stop it, then start it again in order for it to apply

  2. Make sure you defaultpawn derives from the one the game uses. Even if it does load, it would crash if you aren’t inheriting those functions and components.