Default pawn not visible

Hi all,
I’ve just created a default pawn class and have assigned it as the default pawn in the game mode blueprint class. However, when I play, it’s not visible to the player. When I eject, I can see the default pawn but for some reason I can’t see the camera although I can see the spring arm. I have set auto possess player to player 0.

Hey @, welcome back to the Unreal forums!

In your pawn class, can you check the mesh component and see if “Owner No See” is set to true? When that is true, the pawn is not visible to its own camera components.

I hope this information helps!


Thanks @anon58774453 , that’s solved the problem! Just one other thing, in my world I have six stars in front of the player. When the game starts, the player is supposed to move forward automatically and be able to pick up the stars by simply overlapping them. When I hit play, the mesh stays put, but the stars get picked up. It’s like the pawn is moving but the mesh isn’t. I have a couple of photos to better explain this. In the second photo, you can see the origin is far away from the actual mesh which I found to be weird.