Default Pawn Invert Mouse Axis


So I’ve figured out how to invert the Y axis in the editor.

AndI now know how to invert Y axis on a blueprint player class, by inverting with a float * -1.

But I’m looking through a lot of market place projects (eg. material demos) where the default pawn is used, and I can’t figure out how to invert the Y axis on it. Is it even possible?

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I don’t know if it’s exactly the same thing you want, but in my video below, I applied a technique for axis change with blueprint. Maybe it can work for you.

I also prepared a tutorial on using more than one pawn.

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Thanks Yepkoo, not quite what I was looking for, but I’ve saved them as they look like they’ll come in handy.

Found it now, in the Project Settings!

I’ve summarized below the various options/methods I’ve used, just in case anyone else finds this useful.

  • Level Editor (Editor Preferences)
  • Default Pawn (Project Settings)
  • Basic 3rd Person Invert Mouse (Blueprint)
  • Using variables, with Sensitivity, eg. from an options menu (Blueprint)