Default Material Applied To Mesh On Import...

Hi people! =)

I just bought Urban City from PolyPixel’s website and I had to install it by dragging the whole folder into the content folder located in Unreal Projects inside of MyDocuments. This is the only way I could get it load in my content browser.

My problem is that none of the models have materials on them when placed into the game world. When I look at, let’s say a completed building inside of the content browser they have materials applied but not when I place the model in my game.

I’ve even tried to manually change the material under LOD0 but nothing happens except it turns the material to Unreal Engine’s default material.

Can anyone please help me as I’m beginning to feel like I’ve wasted my money! =(

Regards, Glyn.

Since the .FBX models didn’t import with materials and textures properly, does anyone know how to reapply the right materials to the static mesh?

THX! =)

When I try and replace the materials with the right slot name material it just replaces it with UE4 default texture/material. And as soon as I click on an U.asset model the materials dissappear from the preview model inside the content browser. Has anyone encountered this or know how to fix it? Pretty please! =)

Here’s a screenshot of my problem. =)