Default maps settings do not seem to be set


I’ve been trying to set my projects default maps, however they don’t seem to work. I’m likely getting confused with the syntax.

My project has one map called “main”. Which is stored in “C:\Rocket\Projects\TicTacToe\Content\Maps”

My default maps are set to “/Game/Maps/main” based on some of the sample projects which use the same file structure. I’ve also added the relevant scripting to DefaultEngine.ini.

The problem is that these settings are inconsistently applied. Launching the game from outside the editor gives the expected map, where as opening the project in the editor gives me a blank map (Level: Untitled(Persistent)).

Any suggestions what I might be doing wrong? This one has me feeling rather dumb.





Project Settings > Maps

Hi Chris,

I am attempting to reproduce this issue but having some trouble. I created a project and set the map, but I did not change the config files. I am loading into the same map in all modes. Could you provide a .zip of the project on the FTP? If you cannot provide the original, can you reproduce it in a new project for me? Does this occur in other projects?

Thank you,



While I was preparing to upload the project I was looking for how to reduce the size. I decided to remove the auto saves and backups (ended up being the entire saved folder, which was in the range of 200mb at this point).

I opened the project to check I hadn’t horribly broken something It loaded the main level, so I assume it has something to do with that.

As a side note, my project is now ~1% the size it was.

Unfortunately I no longer have those files to give, and my attempts to recreate the issues have been unfruitful. I’ll keep trying and update if it happens again.

Hum, this is somehow a little bit like my own problem ; I had to “Set as Default” to make my configuration work everywhere.

See Setting default map for standalone game


This is a question from the beta version of the engine. We are marking this answered for tracking purposes. If you are experiencing an issue similar to this please post a new question.

Thank you.