Default Macro Editing Safeguards

Although I won’t be making this mistake again, others might & esp. those new to Blueprinting might benefit from some kind of warning system that pops up when you make changes to one of the built-in nodes.

Yes, yes it’s common sense (why would anyone just go in & modify the ForEachLoop, save, then crash their editor & have to beg a friend to screenshot how the node originally looked so they could get back on with their lives? Silly, right? Ha-ha…) but since the macros are engine-install-wide, meaning a screw up in one project affects every project, maybe something is in order.

  • Perhaps not allowing saves on the built-ins, instead saving an instance.

  • A big red box that screams “are you sure you want to modify this?”

  • Electric shock from the keyboard whenever you think about rewiring stuff.

Just a few ideas. Cheers :cool: