Default location not saved for creating new project from the Vault in Launcher

Whenever I open a new project in Unreal Engine it remembers last location used, that part works great. But whenever I create a new project from one I have in the vault (for example SillyGeo), each time it insists on the default location which is %Documents%/Unreal Projects, even though each time I correct to my default (same one I use when creating new project in Unreal Engine) this setting doesn’t want to stick.

Would be great to make it remember previous location/have a setting to change the default.


I have submitted a bug report to our developers. The report is listed as UE-15432 so if you’d like to check up on this later on, please reference that report number.

If you have any further questions, please reply back and I’ll assist you further. Have a wonderful day! :slight_smile: