Default Game Template using Unreal.JS

Hi, I have been playing with Unreal.JS for almost week. So I like to share some of what I learned. I am including the javascript code to implement the ThirdPerson template. I am trying to keep javascript as close to the C++ template as possible, so it is easier to read for experienced programmer.

First make sure you have Unreal.js installed. The marketplace version (0.2.0) can work. I am using the Github version (0.2.1) more information on the bugs section on why. Step 1 is to drags bootstrap.js and zThirdPerson.js into your Content/Scripts.

. Step 2 is to create a javascript component in the Unreal Editor. There are a couple of way of doing this. I am recommending attaching a javascript component into your level blueprint. . Step 3 is to make sure you have the ThirdPerson assets i.e. SK_Mannequin, ThirdPerson_ANIBP. Run the game and you should have a MyThirdPerson character. .

The market place version of Unreal.JS (0.2.0) has a garbage collection bug and will crash after 1 to 15 minutes depending on your memory size. I recommend getting the Github version (0.2.1) it is very stable.

If it doesn’t work for you, feel free to put a comment and I’ll help if I can. I am planning to convert most of the default Unreal game templates into Unreal.JS and post it on this thread. It would be good to get more people trying out Javascript.

Thanks for awesome tutorial! (Unreal.js should have some tutorials like this!) Could you post this article to unreal.js wiki on github?

BTW, you can upgrade unreal.js to 0.2.1 via Epic games launcher.

Yeah I’ll post this article on unreal.js wiki. I didn’t know I can upgrade unreal.js to 0.2.1 using the Epic game launcher. The marketplace version still has a date of 8-31-2016 for me.

I can confirm this is still working and I have it running beautifully in 4.22.3 at the moment will try newer versions later