Default FPS character and its size

I wasn’t sure where to put this as there are threads that discuss the 1UU = 1CM features of UE however this issue I am having seems to want to disprove these numbers. I am trying to make a model of my house that I am currently living in and to that goal I am using the measurements from the house. Now these measurements are a perfect science as I am having to convert them from Inches to CM with the formula of 1 inch = 2.54 centimeters and rounding to the nearest whole number. However the issue I am having is that the default character, suppose to be based off the average human, will not fit through a standard 2/6 door. So this being said it would appear that the default character would need a space bigger than the allowed 2/6 opening making me have to change the opening to allow the character. Changing the opening changes the realism of the level and therefore is causing a major issue for me. Using the above formula we can see the follow:

2/6 is a standard 2ft. 6in door or 30 in door.
30 x 2.54 = 76.2 cm
rounding to the nearest whole gives 76 cm

76cm = 76uu

if the average human can walk through this door then why can the default character not do it? or am I missing something here?

You can change the size very easily.

The default capsule component is 192 uus high and 84 uus wide (capsule half height = 96, capsule radius = 42) which is not really the average.
Just remember to modify those as well to some realistic values and if necessary adapt the default skeletal mesh to the size you want… that one is currently only modifiable via the scale so you will have to test a bit there but that’s certainly possible.

You could also just remove the collision of your mesh and only use the capsule collision though this might look a little weird if something clips into your character.


After doing some test in 3DS Max, the best way to ensure your result will be the proper scale without having to scale your model in UE4, is to start modeling in CM.
For my modeling I start with a human reference of 180cm. It fits very well with the default player in UE4. When importing your model, click on convert scene unit.
Your model should be to scale automatically no scaling required!
Hope that helps!