Default Custom Controls

At the moment there is no ‘Invert Y Axis’ or ‘Southpaw’ options within the editor, which makes setting up games to use these with blueprints alone very difficult. The latter should also work with touchscreen thumbsticks, not just console thumb sticks.

Can we have these options added to the editor please. I know they could be added by the community, but these really should be accessible within the vanilla editor.

Well, it’s not difficult, you just multiply Y by -1
But default options should cover this - that’s for sure!

Unfortunately it is alittle more complicated than that, but not by much.

The engine is hard coded to reverse the ‘Y’ axis of the right stick on the gamepad when the engine’s Y Axis Invert option is set.

If you’re setting up southpaw controls and want to swap sticks you have to create your own Y Axis Invert option for the left stick (used for looking with southpaw) and also make sure you invert the right stick (used for moving in southpaw) as well.

It’s not the complexity that makes this an issue though, it’s that control options like Y Axis and Southpaw should be accessible within UE4 Ed so that people can find them easily and not have to waste time supporting them.