Default Cube (Static mesh) has changed and failed to be reimport. (UE 4-25)

Hi guys
Can anyone help solve the problem?
Somehow I changed the geometry of my base cube and when I click “Reimport Base Mesh” it fails.
UE4 version 4.25
I’m new to Unreal Engine / help a beginner :smiley:

Sorry, in current versions of modeling mode we no longer allow you to edit the default engine geometry, but in 4.25 we had not added that yet. You cannot re-import this asset because you don’t have the source fbx/etc it was imported from. These default shapes are just included inside the Engine in binary form.

The default cube asset will be in your engine install directory, eg


The problem is you need the (unmodified) version of this file. The simplest way to do this is unfortunately to either re-install the engine, or make a new 4.25 installation, and copy this file over.

A less drastic way is to use the Github version of the engine temporarily. If you do steps 1 and 3 of the engine setup in the Readme here (you will need a github account):

This will involve downloading a zip file of the engine source and then running Setup.bat, this will download the Eingine\Content\BasicShapes*.uasset files, and you can copy Cube.uasset over into your engine installation.

(sorry for the trouble, and that there isn’t an easier way to fix this)

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