Default Comment Color

I know this is such a minor thing, but I just opened up 4.5 preview and noticed there is still no option for setting comment colors. I would like to have a setting in Editor Preferences -> Graph Editors that let’s me choose a default color for new comment nodes that are created.

Probably just my OCD, but I find myself constantly changing the comment color to black, it’s easier on the eyes (and looks way better :p).

Ah, that’s a major pain. I submitted the Graph Editorsetting, but it won’t make it into 4.5.

It’s awesome that you care! I really like seeing great looking blueprints (that also do cool stuff :))

Thank you Dan! I’m a bit of a neat freak when it comes to the graph editors… I really love the new wires in 4.5 also, makes it easier to control wire flow and overall just looks better. So thank you Michael for that as well! :slight_smile: