Default camera position when level loads

Does anyone know if it’s possible to change the default view position when a level first loads. The issue I have is that it takes a second or two to possess my character at the start of a level and the position that the camera is in while this happens is really ugly (it’s beneath the landscape and looks wrong).

I saw a youtube video where they had the same issue while developing a character select screen when a level loaded, The camera was in the wrong position when they were choosing a character to possess, their solution was to select everything in a level and move it all down in the z axis. Unfortunately I cant do this as it would mess up some of the logic in my game if everything was in a different position.

Try putting the character in the level ( and set to possess ).

Are you spawning the character? I think if you put the character in the level, this won’t happen.

I dont manually spawn the character. It spawns automatically when the level loads as I’ve set the default pawn class in the game mode. Like I said it takes about a second before the player moves to the player start and befoe it moves there the user is viewing from an ugly position

Thanks I’ll try that