Default Attachments

Hey guys,

I have made a special weapon, and would like to know if there is any way of installing attachments that are default to the weapon (such as Suppressors and Scopes)?

Thanks in advance,

I’m assuming you mean craft the item and it will already have your attachment/s? Take a look at how the assault rifle is setup. It has several attachments. Each attachment requires a separate “weap” BP. IE: WeapNewRifle, WeapNewRifle_Scoped, WeapNewRifle_silencer etc. Each “weap” has the attachment mesh in the components section of the BP. You can take say the WeapNewRifle_Scoped and make that the linked item in the PGD for the weapon template so whenever that PGD item is crafted, the WeapNewRifle_Scoped will be what is placed into your inventory.