Deer gliding after rest animation UE5

Hello, So I downloaded UE5 last week and I’ve been messing around and trying to learn it since then. I’ve followed a guide from Matt Aspland on youtube and I found it very helpful. So I have these Stags free roaming but after their energy gets depleted they lie down for about a minute. The problem is when they get back up they glide around instead of walking animation. I have looked through my blueprints nearly 5 times now and rewatched the vid a good few times to. I cant seem to find my mistake/problem. Can anyone please help me, thanks. UE5-01

What’s your condition for walking animation in the animation blueprint state machine? Is it possible that you forgot to connect “standing up” animation backwards with “walking”?

Sorry Im fairly new to UE5 im not 100 sure what my condition for the walking animation is. They walk perfect when I play the level but its after the rest/sleep animation, when they get back up they do not walk but glide around at walking speed. here is some screenshots of my state machine.