Deer and Ravens from Kite/Open Demo

I’m putting together an archviz scene, and was wondering if there was anyone who knew a way to import the deer and ravens from the Kite Demo with their AI animations?


Just do a right click on the animations - migrate - now it should migrate everything to your new project.
Otherwise do the same with the blueprint (dont know if there is one) :slight_smile:

Yes, there’s a bunch of associated blueprints–just not sure how to execute them in my scene once migrated. Guess I’ll keep experimenting…

EDIT I think the blueprint that commands what I’m looking for is found under: \content\meshes\deer\reddeeranimblueprint, however, whenever I migrate this over to my scene and try to edit it, I get this error message: “The Anim Blueprint could not be loaded because it is corrupt.” In any case, it doesn’t show up in the Anim Blueprint Generator drop-down list for the corresponding red_deer_buck_SKELMESH(Instance)–the Raven does though. I’ve deleted the Kite Demo scene and re-installed it, and still getting the same message. I’ve also tried copying it directly (via windows explorer). I’ve also noted that when migrating this blueprint over, the log file for the migration shows one copy error: “/Game/Meshes/Deer/red_deer does not exit on disk”.

Hey did you have any luck with this?

No I haven’t. I’ve actually abandoned UE4, and have gone back to 3ds . I’ve seen some people make some amazing scenes with this engine, but I just couldn’t get it to work for myself.

You went from a game engine to a modelling package…