Deep Water Blackout - Looking for Modelers

Deep Water Blackout is looking for interested and mature people to join our team.

We are currently working on our prototype for DWB, and have a strong need for modelers. Other talent can be considered as well, such as texturing artists, UI artists, level designers and skilled animators. Currently we have 4 programmers, 1 concept artist and 2 modelers.

The Role: Either environmental or character modelers would be a useful. If you are skilled with both, than this could be helpful.

The Game:

In brief, the concept is as follows:

Deep Water Blackout is an underwater retro sci-fi / horror game with stealth aspects incorporated into the game. There is multiple enemies, though one main creature hunts the player down on a continual basis, taking alternate paths and attempting to outsmart/outwit the player. It learns from actions taken by the player, and will not always engage on sight.

A GDD has been developed which explains the finer features and the extent of this project.

Art Style: The art style in DWB is a combination of 80’s sci-fi TV series and industrial themes.

For more information, feel free to contact myself. If interested in joining, let me know and we can discuss your abilities to find the right fit for you.

Some screenshots of current progress (some still in the earlier stages):;base64



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Bumping Thread, still looking for modelers and programmers.

Still looking for more programmers, especially.

Looking for new individuals to join in on this team. In need of mature modelers especially.

One modeler position filled, looking for one more modeler, animator or texture artist. Also still looking for a few more programmers.

All programmer roles have been filled. Still looking for one or two more modelers, either experienced with hard surfaces or organics, or both. Let me know if interested.