Deep Underwater

Hi Everyone!
Want to create a support thread for “Deep Underwater” pack, will also use this topic to post updates and info for this pack.…eep-underwater

Video preview:


  • Fully Customized Materials
  • 2x2 Km Example map
  • New/Aged look using vertex paint
  • Set of LOD & Lightmap UVs
  • Terrain Tessellation

Number of Unique Meshes: 51

Collision: Custom and Auto

Vertex Count: 100-8000 Tris


Number of Materials and Material Instances: 47 Materials and 64 Instance

Number of Textures: 122

Texture Resolutions: 128-4096

Supported Development Platforms:


Documentation: No

Hi everyone,

I got a few customers requests regarding the models, so I decided to do an update for the pack, here is change log:
-Dive capsule anchor is now separate mesh
-New model is added German G7e Torpedo

-Fixed few minor issues related to 4.25 engine version

Update should be live soon

Update was approved and now available

Deep Underwater is on SALE 50% off

hi, I open the map in the deepunwater folder, but it looks strange, Do you know why, I am new to unreal, thanks.

Hi, it could be rare issue with light build data, please try to do the following:
In world settings- force no precompiled lighting, than press build

hi, I have tried this setting, but it doesn’t work, can you find another way to fix this?

Hmm this very strange issue, could you please write me here: