Deep Echo - Experimental Gameplay

Hey everyone,

maybe some of already seen my post in the Released Projects forum: Deep Echo

Since the last update I got a lot of positive feedback which really motivated me to keep going, even if developing such a project alone takes a lot of time and has a lot of frustrating moments, especially because it’s not my full time job, so working on this takes away time from my main job (I’m a self employed artist, mostly traditional sculpting and painting :slight_smile: ).

I still search for a solution to spend more time on the project without starving… I applied for Epic’s Unreal Dev Grant, that would solve some problems but we will see :wink:

Anyway, I wanted to share a short video with you to give you a little teaser for the next version of Deep Echo which will include a playable level.

I am still working on a lot of the gameplay mechanics and polishing here and there, but slowly I start to have fun to shoot down those **** drones :smiley:

Anyway, here’s the vid, tell me what you think!

Creating a HUD that “works” in VR is definately a challenge, stuff that sticks to your face is just annoying and if it is floating in the world it can be annoying sometimes too.
But at the moment I am quite happy with the progress :slight_smile:
And by the way, I tried out many of the new assets of the Kite demo. Really mind blowing assets!


Amazing soundfeedback O.o much wow :3

Looks really good. Keep up the great work!

Very excited to see how this project unfolds.

I got to try this out on an Oculus a couple of days ago, really impressive! I’d be interested to see more behind the scenes stuff, like how you get it running so nicely for VR with such fidelity etc.

Also, seems like a worthy project for an Unreal Dev Grant too IMO!